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Visualizing and Manifesting

Your Goals

easier with a  

Personal Manifesting Video 

Personalized Video Vision Board

using the Law of Attraction

$87 (including a free phone or email consultation)

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Sample Videos

Get a unique video, just for you and your goal.
You can watch these sample videos and get some benefit, but it will be much more powerful if you get your own unique video.


Book a free phone consultation to discuss your goals or desires

* We will discuss your goals and desires that you wish to manifest to create a truly personal and unique video just for you.

* The first two edits are free. After that, edits are available for $10 each. Your video will be between 1-2 minutes long. Short enough to watch once or twice a day, but still powerful since it is so personal and multi-sensory.

* You will submit your photos online using the form. If you wish, I can edit your pictures to produce the best resolution at no charge. If you are not happy with your photos, you can make two free changes (edits).

* You can expect quick delivery (within 3-5 business days after final edits). I will send your video to you via WeTransfer, which is a free service that transports large files. 



"This really works. I can't believe it. I met Bill and he has most of the qualities I was looking for."

Melanie Park

"I used a personal video to help sell my house. I ended up getting the exact price I was asking for! I am so grateful."

Suzanne Rye