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The Different Ways to Manifest (using the Law of Attraction)

Alice Scordato, M.A.

Many people have now heard of the Law of Attraction, but what are the actual strategies to use it? Turns out there is some confusion about the different ways to manifest using the Law of Attraction. And, the good news is that there is more than one way to apply it.

If you watched The Secret, you most likely understood that to manifest you simply use your thoughts to think about what you want. “Thoughts become things,” became the mantra of the film. Although the movie was a huge success, there wasn’t that much emphasis on feeling, which is a key component needed to manifest. So, needless to say, many people were disappointed that it did not work for them. They did say to see yourself with your desire. Using vision boards has become very popular as a result of this film. For example, Queen Latifa played a woman who uses pictures of herself with her dream man in Last Holiday and ends up “attracting” him into her life.

If you later picked up a book by Esther Hicks channeled through Abraham (The Vortex or Ask and It Is Given) relating to the Law of Attraction, you understood that you could manifest your desires in just 17 seconds as long as you are in a high vibrational state. To get into this state, you can do things to make yourself happy: sing, dance, meditation, paint, etc. After you visualize your desires, you let it go and don’t concern yourself with “how” it is getting done.

Then, if you came across Dr. Joe Dispenza, a wonderful speaker and author, who was actually in The Secret, and has written a great book (Becoming Supernatural), you learned that your subconscious plays a big part in manifesting. If you go into a trance-like state using his kaleidoscope video with music and then watch your “mind movie (also with music),” you can attract into your life your desires since you are in a suggestible state (like hypnosis). And, scientifically, you are rewiring your brain to form new synapses which somehow helps in the manifestation process. Dr. Dispenza, who has always focused on the scientific approach has finally and bravely “come out” in this book about his absolute belief in the spiritual connection to manifesting.

The one thing these “techniques” have in common is visualization or ACTING AS IF. Yes, this is the main principle behind all the techniques. What I believe and have been practicing for years is to create my own short personal videos using pictures that make me feel good (for example, I have at least 3 pictures of myself smiling at different times in my life). I also include positive affirmations using the two most powerful words for manifestation: I AM ___________ throughout the 2-minute video which includes uplifting music. The music and pictures combined help you transcend the “mind” and get into a higher vibrational state. It is very similar to Dr. Dispenza’s technique except that instead of generic movies, I create personal ones. It is so important that you put yourself into the video to really feel the visualization.

This has worked for me many times in my life including helping a friend sell her house. The main goal is to FEEL like you already have what you want. By watching the videos where you see yourself with your goal, you start to feel as if you already have it. And then after watching the video, you let it go….You give it over to the universe to take care of how it will show up.

So, in essence, you are incorporating something from all of the techniques: decide what you want (be specific), write it down, get into a higher vibrational state, and visualize yourself already having it. What does it feel like? What does it look like? After that, get on with your day and let it go………………The faster you can do this without counteracting it by being negative (with your thoughts or words), it will work for you. Never underestimate the power of belief. "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein



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